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Every hero has their history, every villain has their vision. In a world where everyone wants to leave their mark what side will you stand on?

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The various factions within the city

Here at Legacy we like to sort our characters into their own membergroups, so it's easy to see what kind of characters you're playing against. It also helps to create subplots as well as making sure everyone gets represented in any site-wide plot or event. Writers are encouraged to plot actively amongst each other, to create a more dynamic environment, so don't ever feel like you have to stick to just one storyline. If a character can fit into more than one group, the writer can choose which membergroup becomes their primary faction.

So here's what you need to know


Primarily referring to those currently active on the infamous team, any superhuman character who is sanctioned by the government to use their abilities/powers also falls into this membergroup. Though they aren't employed by anyone it's easier to think of it as a license. As such their identities are usually public knowledge.

Other canon characters that fall under this category are: Young Avengers, New Avengers, West Coast Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Ultimates, etc

Ultimately these characters rely upon public approval and support. If they behave inappropriately or against the team's moral code, it's likely to split the team itself.


The majority of civilians are just your average human. It's possible that some may possess superhuman traits but in order to live a normal life, it'd probably be beneficial to keep those secret. On the flipside, some of these characters could also be criminals: from something petty like mugging, to organised operations like streetgangs or even the mafia.

Examples of canon civilians include: Verity Willis, Ben Urich, Mary Jane Watson etc


Bio-engineered and back by popular demand, Goats covers our small but growing collection of exactly what it sounds like. These characters are original and light-hearted and inspired by the beautiful imagination of our resident member Chim. Feel free to join the fun and create your own goat today!

There are no examples of canon goats because Marvel has yet to recognise their genius.


These characters are agents of a terrorist organisation intent on ruling the globe through their facist idealogy. Leaders and high ranking members come and go but they always seem to have a steady supply of foot soldiers and scientists.

Examples of canon members include: Madame Hydra, the Red Skrull, Hydra Bob, Baron Zemo etc


These characters are basically criminals-for-hire. The extent of the law they'll break varies depending on their own personal moral code. Belonging to this group doesn't necessarily make a character 'bad' as such, just more morally ambigious. Some mercenaries also join other groups like the X-Men, who don't really agree with what they do but are willing to turn a blind eye to it under the right circumstances.

Examples of canon mercenaries include: Bullseye, Deadpool, Taskmaster, Domino, etc


These characters comprise the police force of the city. Since they're responsible for enforcing the law they are expected to abide by it themselves. Of course you're welcome to create a crooked cop but if they're caught acting criminally they will face consequences. Most are normal humans although it's possible some recruits could be hiding superhuman capabilities or even develop them later. If any members were witnessed using these, they'd probably be sent off to join SHIELD. These characters have the authority to arrest others but only if they have enough evidence or witnessed a crime.

Examples of canon police officers include: Yuriko Watanabe, Kevin Cole, Carlie Cooper, etc


Shield agents largely deal with espionage and intercepting threats to national and international security. Agents are expected to follow the chain of command which comes from whoever is currently serving as the Director. Disobediance will have consequences. Agents may be superhumans or humans with extraordinary skills and/or talents. Although largely presented as a peacekeeping force, due to it's secretive nature the organization is distrusted by some. It's possible they have reason to worry since the force ultimately answers to the President and other senior politicians.

Examples of canon agents include: Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse etc

These characters typically operate for their own gain and don't care who gets caught in the crossfire. For some the motivation is financial whilst others it may be far more personal. It's not unusual for a villainous character to become fixated with or hold a grudge against anyone who's dared to cross them.

Examples of canon villains include: Norman Osborn, Magneto, Kingpin, etc


These characters operate outside of the law and usually independant of each other. Their methods can range from capturing criminals and leaving them for the police to killing criminals to prevent future victims. As such they're usually not very popular with the public. They can be superhuman or super augmented but they don't necessarily have to be. Much like typical criminals, it's the police's job to catch them and hold them accountable to the law.

Examples of canon vigilantes include: Daredevil, Silk, Moonknight, Punisher, any memeber of Heroes for Hire etc


Majority of members are mutants, although they have been known to work with outsiders they trust. They strive to protect mutantkind and improve mutant-human relations, although their methods vary depending on the individual. As they're not government sanctioned, they aren't really trusted by the public. Officially they frown upon killing, although some of their members have a history of it.

Examples of canon teams also include: X-Force, New X-Men, Exclibar, X-Factor, etc