What willyours be?

Every hero has their history, every villain has their vision. In a world where everyone wants to leave their mark what side will you stand on?

Comic-based, canon-divergent Marvel roleplay.
Canons + OC's both welcome!

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Here you can find all of Legacy's currently accepted, pending or reserved characters.
Every member is able to apply for up to two canons in each of these groups.
On the contrast, you may make and develop as many original characters as you want.

All characters must post their application in the following forum. Once the application has been accepted, this role now belongs to that player and can join our in-character forums. If your enthusiasm for an accepted character drops further down the line, you may release the role to make it available to other writers but no one is permitted to pressure or pester you into doing so.
Are characters whose applications are currently being written and canons which are temporarily reserved to ensure that member has a fair amount of time and opportunity to finish the process. Whilst developing your application you may also create social media threads for this character; these can include their cellphone, facebook, tinder, twitter, instagram. These are allowed during the vetting process as not only does it help give the Staff a feel for how you approach the character but as the characters aren't physically sharing the same space, no godmodding can possibly occur.
Unlike most forums, we only list the canons which are being played or currently developed by members. If a role you're interested in isn't here you're more than welcome to apply for them. Can't decide? Check out our wanted to see the characters our members are requesting.


And other government backed superhumans.


The soul of the city


The secret bio-engineered weapons no one saw coming.


Cut off one head and two more shall take it's place.


Anyone willing to do your dirty deeds for money.


Responsible for maintaining law & order


International peacekeeping & counter-terrorism.


When you've got a grudge you can't let go


The rogue heroes which stalk our streets.


Children of the Atom.