What willyours be?

Every hero has their history, every villain has their vision. In a world where everyone wants to leave their mark what side will you stand on?

Comic-based, canon-divergent Marvel roleplay.
Canons + OC's both welcome!

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Terms of play

Follow these pretty please

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules upon joining the community. If you have any questions regarding them just send a message Pinky or Lingo's way. If a problem arises, Staff will contact you directly.


All members are required to be 18+.
Anyone found to be underage will be asked to leave, regardless of their activity or presence in the community.
Canons must be comic-based only.
There are plenty of other roleplays which already cater to the MCU.
Respect people's boundaries.
Although mature content is allowed, no member is required to participate in a plot which makes them uncomfortable. Mature subjects and sensitive social issues should be approached tastefully and handled with respect. All topics containing these must be clearly tagged using either the or post icon.


We are a relaxed play-as-you-go, environment. There are no mandatory posting schedules, instead we aim to encourage creativity. But for this to work we all need to strive towards the following courtesies:

You may not pester, guilt-trip or poke your partner(s) into replying.

Whilst waiting on another person, you are more then welcome to plot and/or create new threads with others.

You should aim to reply within a reasonable timeframe.

For some this may be a matter of days, whilst others may require more flexibility.

If your presence on the site is absent for a month+
your character will be presumed to be missing

This ensures that others can continue momentum and you will be free to pick your character back up when you are able to return. It will be your responsibility to have an in-character reason to explain their absence.

If your presence on the site is virtually non-existent

We will be left to assume you have lost interest and moved on elsewhere.
In which case, we will make one last effort to contact you.
If we receive no reply or the situation doesn't change, we will re-open any
canon roles linked to your account so others who are genuinely interested can play them.

Out of character

We encourage everyone to write together but this isn't required or always feasible. If you don't wish to write with another character or interact with another member, you must still respect them as a part of this community by:

Don't harass, bully or stalk another member
If you feel you are being harassed or treated unfairly, you should approach staff with your concerns.
Don't trivialize any form of racism, homophobia, transphobia,
mental illness, addiction, rape or sexual abuse.
These are serious issues that effect actual people. We don't care if you find it funny,
this forum is for adults and we expect you to behave like one.

Whilst in-character

Wordcount doesn't matter
Write as much as you see fit. We don't require a word minimum but we do require that you contribute to the plot.
Make sure to give your partner(s) an action to respond to. This can be as simple as the body language of your character, to the background environment. A thread can't be carried by just one person.
Control only your characters
Don't assume or anticipate how another member's character will behave to a situation. For example, in combat you should give your partner the opportunity to react to your character's movement before assuming the hit has landed. Similarly, don't complain if someone else's character doesn't react in the way you desire. Be responsible for your character's choices.
embrace their weaknesses
If you only ever concentrate on character strengths then you may be asked to leave. Even with superhuman abilities, a character's response isn't always perfect. For example, Spider-sense doesn't enable Spider-Man to dodge absolutely everything, it merely provides an advantage. Sometimes recovering from defeat can develop more character than actually winning the fight.

playing a canon

Be familiar with the character
You should only apply for a character if you are committed to maintaining their personality.
Although character interpretation can vary amongst fans, there are always clear foundations which lay the motivation behind who that character is. This doesn't mean you need to know the comics inside out but you should be familiar with at least one canon series/run you'd like to base your interpretation on.
How flexible can my canon be?
The canon universe has recently undergone a lot of change and it is up to the writer how much of this they wish to include in their portrayal. In cases where this canon affects a character already being played it must first be discussed with the other player.
For example, if someone wants to play one of Laura Kinneys recent clones, they would need permission from whoever currently plays X23. Similarly, if someone was already playing Khamala Khan, any potential Carol Danvers would need to include Captain Marvel as part of their interpretation. If you're unsure about wider events, check our site timeline.
How many can I have?
Each member may apply for up to two canons for each of the following membergroups: Avengers (or any government sponsored hero), Civilians, Hydra, Mercenaries, Shield, Vigilantes, Villains and X-men. You may earn more canon spots later.

playing your own creation

There is no limit on how many original characters you can create but to be approved they must abide by the following:
They should not directly resemble any canon
This ranges from name, appearance (unique features such as Domino's eye tattoo or Wolverine's claws), power sets (something similar may be allowed, exact replicas will be denied) and backstories.
What about relatives?
An original character may only be related to a canon character under the corresponding members permission. If the canon isn't claimed they cannot be used. This includes any member found to be collecting canons for the direct purpose of pre-approving their own creations. If you'd like to play your own creation, that's great! But don't take away the opportunity from other fans to play their favourites, that goes against the spirit of the site.
They must be balanced
If your character has abilities, each should have a corresponding weakness. If these combine to form a particularly strong power set Staff may pend the application and contact the member to address any concerns. This isn't done to punish potential creations but maintain a balanced playing field. You're more than welcome to discuss your ideas with us before committing to an app.